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Cash Bucks Loan Wise Payday Loans Online in Canada
Cash Bucks Loan Wise Payday Loans Online in Canada
Cash Bucks Loan Wise Payday Loans Online in Canada
Two payments loans are only available for customers who get paid weekly, bi-weekly or twice a month.
Cash Bucks Loan Wise Payday Loans Online in Canada
Three payments loans are only available for customers who get paid weekly, bi-weekly or twice a month.
British Columbia

Same Day Loans Online

Get Up To $1,500. Low Rates. 5 Minutes e-transfer.

When you need same day loans, you can’t afford to wait for your money. As a company, Pay Day is focused on helping Canadians handle financial emergencies.

We are a direct online Canadian lender that offers same day loans online. There are no collateral requirements, no office visits and no document requirements from the loan application process.

You can apply from the comfort and security of your home or office. Your funds can be released 24/7, and the entire process, from starting your loan application to getting approved even if you have bad credit can take as little as one hour.

Same day loans online is all we do at Pay Day. In fact, we are revolutionizing the way Canadians think about unsecured loans and provide access to credit that is customer-focused, easy-to-use, and exceptionally fast.

We offer competitive interest rates, customer service that’s based on Canada and is bilingual in both official languages and we have a Cashback rewards program. You can apply for a payday advance loan of up to $1,500 and get pre-approved in as little as 10 minutes.

We help put you in control of your financial future by improving your finances and your life, without having to sit around stressing and waiting about an approval or when you’ll get your funds.

Ordinarily, with traditional lenders and banks, applying for a loan and getting approved on the same day is unheard of. There are payday lenders who sometimes offer fast loans in brick-and-mortar stores, but those, too, can be a bit hard to get as they require a ton of paperwork, and have other requirements. What’s more, some companies will only approve you for small loans, and then you'll need to deposit a check into your bank account. The online approach from Pay Day is much safer, more faster, and more convenient for the vast majority of Canadians as they can apply for a loan from their home or work via the Pay Day website or on the go with the Pay Day app.

At the same time, we believe that people in need of same day loans typically need money right away which is why we designed our platform to give you fast access to cash with instant loan approval. Start your loan application and you maybe approved in less than an hour in many cases. We realize that your needs to obtain quick loans online is not because of choice but at times due to life's circumstances and do everything we can to help you remove stress, overcome challenges, and get on with your life.

Same Day Cash Loans in Canada

Same Day Cash Loans for Unexpected Emergency Bills

One of the most common reasons for Canadians to get same day cash loans is to cover unexpected bills or emergency expenses. These types of costs always seem to come up at the worst possible time. For Canadians who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or don’t have a great deal of savings, these kinds of expenses can be devastating to the finances and budget of a household. But with an emergency loan from Canada’s premiere direct online lender, Pay Day, you can pay all your bills quickly and get on with your life!

Same Day Cash Advance for Medical, Dental, or Childcare Bills

We are fortunate in Canada to have a great health care system however some medical bills such as dental costs aren’t covered. If you have children, their expenses are likewise significant, and childcare like babysitters, daycare, and other programs can cost a fortune. If you have trouble paying for any of these kinds of expenses, a cash advance on child tax credit may be a good choice for you. As long as the loan application is filled out correctly and all the information that’s requested is provided, these types of loans are approved on the same day thereby helping you manage your cash flow without compromising your daily budget or finances.

Same Day Loans with Bad Credit

We recognize that not everyone has perfect credit. No reputable Canadian lender can offer instant cash loans with no credit check. But, quality lenders like Pay Day can promise that your credit history will NOT cause your loan application to be rejected. We approve 9 out of 10 applications and are the number 1 lender for Canadians who have bad credit and need same day cash loans. That’s why many customers with who have not so perfect credit are able to get a bad credit loan with Pay Day on the same day that they apply for a loan. NO matter what your score, we’ll give you a fair review. We’re far more interested in your ability to repay your loan, based on your income and the other information we collect during the application process.

Same Day Cash Loans Online for Auto Repair

Car repairs are expensive, and for most people, necessary. We rely on our cars to get to work, school, and around town to run errands and live our lives. When your car breaks down unexpectedly, it’s a big hassle, and can cost quite a lot to get repaired at the local auto garage. Still, not everyone can come up with $1,000 or more to get their car repaired. With cash loans that are approved the same day, you can get the funds you need to get back on the road.

Same Day Loans Online for Home Repair, Renovation, and Furnishings

Whether you’ve got a DIY or contractor-led home improvement project going on, have some repairs to make around the house, or just need some new or replacement furnishings, it all costs money. And for larger projects, estimates of project cost always seem to be less than the final expense. On the other hand, if appliances break down, you often can’t wait around to get them repaired or replaced. You need it to be in good working order. Don’t put off needed repairs, purchases, or projects indefinitely, hoping you can save up the cash you need. Instead, borrow money from Pay Day and get approved the same day and pay back your loan with multiple payments.

Same Day Payday Loans for Vacation and Travel Plans

Not everything has to be about paying bills or making ends meet. It’s always good to take a break and sometimes travel, have a vacation with your significant other or your family and enjoy life. But finding the money for such things can be a challenge. With same day payday loans, you can get approved instantly to get the funds you need to take that much-needed vacation even on last-minute notice.

Cash Bucks Loan Wise Payday Loans Online in Canada

Our eligibly requirements are basic.

Cash Bucks Loan The hassle-free loan option.


  • Are a Canadian citizen or Perminate Resident.
  • Live in a province where we do business.
  • Are 19 years of age or more.
  • Received the same income source for at least 3 months.
  • Have at least a monthly net income of $800.
  • Are in possession of a Canadian bank account for the last 3 months from which you can do online banking.
  • Have valid email and home address, and a mobile phone.

Can I be approved quickly?

Once you’ve filled out your application, our decisions system, with its advanced algorithm, gives you a decision almost instantly.

Most of our customers have their money in the bank the same day. Once you’re approved and you sign your electronic agreement, our e-transfer system has the funds in your bank in 5 minutes.

Is there a borrowing limit?

Currently we offer loans between $100 and $1,500. These come with flexible repayment options. Our advanced algorithm helps us identify the loan amount that suits your financial circumstances best.

How Much Income do I Need?

Our minimum monthly requirement is an income of $800. A lot of sources, which you might not expect, though, can be counted toward this total. That includes child tax credits, ODSP benefits and pensions, among others. Include such income sources in the Employment Details of your application and we’re ready to go.

How about repayment?

We make repayment as easy as a dream. Once repayment day arrives, we will simply debit the amount stipulated in your loan agreement out of the same bank account into which we made the original loan. All you have to do is be sure there are sufficient funds to cover the repayment. Other than that, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

No Credit Check | High Approvals

Get Up To $1,500 From a Safe Trusted Licensed Lender. Easy Application. Multiple repayments, FAST e-Transfer.

Maximum charges permitted in British Columbia for payday loan: 15% of the principal. We charge: 15% of the principal. For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost for borrowing = $45 Annual Percentage rate = 391.07%

Cash Bucks Loan, proudly canadian owned and operated, offers personalized payday loans and fast cash advances to thousands of Canadians in BC (Vancouver, Surrey , Burnaby and others), in Alberta ( Calgary , Edmonton , Lethbridge , Red Deer , Wood Buffalo , Medicine Hat , Airdrie , and others), in Saskatchewan ( Saskatoon , Regina and others), in Ontario ( Payday Loans Toronto , Ottawa , Mississauga , Brampton , Hamilton , Markham , Niagara Falls and others), in Nova Scotia ( Halifax , Cape Breton , Dartmouth , Truro , Sydney and others) as well as in Manitoba ( Winnipeg , Dauphin , Morden , Portage La Prairie , Selkirk , The Pas , Winkler , Brandon , Steinbach , Thompson and others). Easy online payday loans in Canada, Same day fast cash Ontario, Online loans British Columbia, Get cash money in Alberta, Payday loan Saskatchewan.